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Learn how Truelty uses the logic of asynchronous deep chain computation to create native deduplication in the world’s most powerful data platform.



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Systems Integrators

Your extensive work in architecting a data centralization strategy on Snowflake now has a huge upside for customers. The very work you have done can act as the central location for identifying who the unique customers are, without offloading the data to a completely external system.

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Corporate Executives

Your investment in Snowflake is further enhanced by leveraging natively executed services where the data footprint already lives. Truelty allows you to execute best-of-breed Identity Resolution right within that footprint. This also eliminates costly data transfer fees to 3rd parties.

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Marketing Executives

You need access to unique customers. But getting that information requires a complex back and forth with third-party Identity Resolution companies. What if you could resolve duplicate customer identities right within the data landscape you use every day? Truelty gives you exactly that.

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Product Managers

Do you have a CDP, Customer Activation, Consumer Graph, or some kind of marketing application that requires unique customer identities? Truelty provides a solution for resolving a unique identity that resides right within the 4 walls of your customer’s Snowflake instance. Imagine being able to centralize your application’s interactions without a clunky 3rd wheel identity resolution processor.