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Truelty Pricing

Single Brand Subscription

The Single Brand Subscription is for organizations that are a singular business entity.

Within that business entity, you get:
- Unlimited Scans
- Unlimited Records

$50,000 per year (USD)

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Multi-Brand Subscription

Multi-Brand Subscription is designed for organizations that have multiple sub-businesses or a multi-tenant needs.

Ideal for holding companies, branding agencies, SaaS solutions, or many subsidary brands

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competitor pricing@4x

The Competition

Our competitors' pricing is based on how many records you have. This turns into an instant financial barrier for an expanding business.

Truelty Pricing

Our pricing provides an annual cost that computes on top of Snowflake. The Truelty engine is highly tuned to ensure compute efficiency on your Snowflake instance. 

truelty consistent pricing@4x

What is required to get started?

  • 1

    Snowflake instance

    Running Enterprise or higher editions
  • 2

    Load data

    Data from enterprise applications, 3rd party data, cloud applications etc loaded into Snowflake
  • 3

    Run the set-up

    Python application and Snowflake permissions. All pre-scripted, takes about an hour. This creates a secure area for Truelty to process and avoids any conflicts with existing databases of schemas
  • 4

    Landing zone or View

    Land the data in the Truelty landing zone or point Truelty to a view. This is in your Snowflake instance. Load new or changed data at any interval you choose
  • 5

    Audit auto-mapped columns in the Control plane

    Truelty runs native Snowflake profiling on the columns to match it to Truelty’s Semantic Categories. Here you can audit the output to validate any required changes and flag columns in meaningful ways
  • 6

    Schedule the resolution process to run

    The control plane creates a table in Snowflake which the Truelty python application uses to auto-execute the ID resolution code